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Your Audio Blog

You can use this page to create a new entry in your blog. You can either create a blog entry which is free for anybody to read, or you can write the first part of a long blog entry here, just enough to interest the user, and accompany it with a recording. You will be given instructions on how to create the recordings later in this wizard. The recordings cost the buyer per minute, of which, you recieve per minute. The buyer pays for the whole recording, no matter how much they listen to. You are able to create a recording of up to ten minutes, and the longer it is, the more money you will get from this.

Remember, quality is also important - you may get the full cost of the recording from a buyer listening to a 10 minute recording, but if he didn't like what he paid for, he probably wont call you, or pay for any more of your recordings.

You can create as many blog entries as you like, with or without recordings. Your most recent entries to your blog will show up in your persona's page, and all blog entries are available through the 'Blogs' button at the top of the screen.

We recommend you add entries to your blog on a regular basis, as the newest entries are shown first in the 'Blogs' area, and the more you have, the more opportunities there are for the buyers to pay to listen to one. Another thing you should consider is, if a buyer likes your recording, he may become a lifelong regular caller to you, and also may purchase subsequent blog recordings.

If you have any questions, read the sellers blogging FAQ. If that doesn't answer your questions, click here to contact us