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alisha lips's phone sex blog - Hot blog - 2018-10-16 01:01:59

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Lol defo worth a wee cheeky call am a naughty Scottish girl who will have u unable to hang up... leaving u thinking randomly about me for the rest of ur day.... lets talk about my weekend sesh with a toyboy who sends me wild his touch his kisses his mouth all over me as he grips my hands holds me down mmmm skin on skin we both are totally knaked mmmm love feeling this guys skin on mines gives me tingles inside and out side all over infact... like a say he drives me wild.... from when 1st felling him spooned in to my bare back.... as he wraps his arm around me... me takeing his hand in to mines as a glide it downwards towards between my legs he takes the inside of my thigh pulling my one leg to just over top of his.... before his hand makes its way back to me tingleing now wanting him... waiting for that 1st touch that spark and tickle between my wanting clit and his fingertip... my juices already gone cold... he can feel them as he covers my clit leaving it glistening tingleing by now am moaning almost riggaling about wanting more but struggling to contain my self a want him inside me but yet dont want this but to stop as he starts to concentrate on my neck with his soft hot as fcuk lips.... his finger tips are no longer the only thing rubbing against my clit his throbbing solid shaft wants me as much as a want it mmmmm well guys and girls hope u likemy latest blog call or sms me now to hear about the four play for us both... felt.... but once You have heard that no doubt u will want to hold on to lissen to what thinking about this weekend does to me how it gets me going every time a close my eyes... about how much and many ways we fcuker the 1st night alone.... cant wait to talk about the rest this blog with u guys and girls to of course dont be shy xxxxxxx
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