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Suzie Kiss's phone sex blog - Memoirs of a Lustful Lady Part 2 - 2018-05-12 18:26:18

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I have been a very naughty girl again. I know I have. I knew it when I did not put on those red nipple tassles that you wanted me to wear. I knew it when I refused to suck on your big, beautiful, hard, juicy cock. I wanted to - believe me, I wanted to, but I also wanted to make you beg just that little bit harder. But now, I know that you are going to punish me for it. You rip off my blouse and grab my titties before you suck grerdily on my nipples, making them hard and wet with your saliva. I beg you not to stop as I groan in ecstasy, but you do just to spite me. Then you rip offmy skirt and panties and finger fuck me briefly, enjoying the sound of my pussy juice squelching against your fingers. It feels so good and my groans tell you that I am loving it. Then you stop and bend me over the bed and begin to fuck me from behind, now you can show me who's in charge.
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