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Bernice's phone sex blog - Not quite what you expected, but all the same.... - 2017-03-10 16:11:34

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You eagerly greased up the dildo with some lubricant and positioned yourself on hands and knees, loving the feel of the silky, nylon stockings you were wearing as you eased the life like cock slowly in to your wet, stretched asshole. It burned some going in, but once you had adjusted to it the fullness felt wonderful. You began to slide it in and out slowly, propping yourself on one arm so you could study your reflection in the mirror.
So absorbed were you that you didnt hear someone entering the bedroom. "Well, well," you heard Dave's voice say, "What do we have here? A cute, little sissy, all dressed up and playing with himself." You froze as he approached the bed. Feeling totally humiliated and struck dumb. You slid the dildo out of your ass, sat up, and turned toward him, your face glowing with embarrassment.

Dave cupped your chin in his hand and pulled your head up so that you were staring straight up to his face and into his blue eyes. With his other arm he gripped your wrist, what Dave did next caught you completely off guard. He let go of you, unzipped his shorts, and pulled out his cock, already semi-hard and glistening with his pre- cum. "What you need most of all, of course, is a real man." he said glancing towards the bedroom door. At that instant you sensed that he could do to you whatever he willed, and this realization electrified you. "Suck it!" he ordered, his voice gentle but firm.

You did not hesitate. Such was the excitement flooding ever fibre of your being, you reached for his throbbing cock and slid it into your wet mouth. Licking the swollen head, swirling your tongue around it, tasting his salty pre-cum. Dave pushed his cock deeper towards your throat until he heard you gag.

he smiled, "Don't worry," he reassured you. "You'll get used to the feeling"

From the corner of your eye, you could see yourself in the mirror, grasping Dave's ass cheeks you relaxed enough to allow his bulbous head to slip into your throat, his pulsing cock kept swelling as you pleasured him, it was longer and thicker than either yours or the dildo you had been toying with. you licked the underside of his shaft and then gently sucked on each of his hairy, slightly sweaty, damp balls. His moans told you you were doing something right.

Dave directed you to lie down on the bed. Then he stripped before you. You let your eyes roam over his impressive body, his thick forearms and defined biceps, hairy chest and tight abs, before your eyes could steal a glance at his cock he was on top of you, and then he kissed you, you coiled away, not wanting this, but Dave muttered something about it was Bernices wish and continued to dip his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues entwined, his gradually forcing its way into your mouth, as you submitted completely to his male strength. Dave's weight felt wonderful on top of you as your hard dicks rubbed together.

It was then that you noticed me enter the room, i said nothing, simply observed and smirked, an indication that everything in front of me was just how I had planned it.

"Take me," you gasped. "I want to feel you inside me, !" Dave positioned you on all fours and put some more lube on your asshole, working it in with one, two, and finally three fingers. "That dildo stretched you pretty good," he commented, "so this shouldn't hurt. Just remember to relax and breathe."

The next thing you knew his cockhead was pushing against your tightened ring, You felt yourself relax as i ran my long fingernails over your buttocks, your puckered fuck hole opening to his gentle pressure. There was a slight burning sensation that soon gave way to sheer, animal pleasure. Very slowly he entered you, waiting until you relaxed enough to accommodate him.

The sensation of a wonderful fullness, a slight bruising ache and little shots of pleasure radiated through your ass. All the while he whispered filth into your ear. And then you heard my voice,

'So sweetheart, this is what it feels like to be penetrated, to be a fuck-hole for a man's hard cock. All those times weve talked about it, and now its happening. Gently tugging a fistful of hair i lift your face to kiss you as Dave's rutting noises told you he was sharing your ecstasy.

Placing his large hands on your hips he began thrusting, slowly at first and then with increasing urgency. His raw, masculine power collapsed your arms and drove you forward on the bed. With your face buried in the duvet he grabbed a couple of pillows and slid them under your stomach and your cock, so your ass was sticking up in the air, just like a real slut. Then he started to pound into you, in long thrusts. You became aware of high-pitched moans and panting and realized the voice was your own, as Dave's in-strokes drove gasps from your throat.

The pressure in your cock, as it rubbed on the pillows beneath, built past the point of no return. "I'm cumming," you grunted, "Oh! OH! OHHHH!" your cum erupted onto the pillows and the sheets. You heard me sniggering, Dave paused briefly, Then he withdrew, leaving a void in place of the fullness you had been enjoying. you looked at him quizzically. "Turn over onto your back. take it facing me, like a girl would."

You flipped over, and i assisted in sliding two pillows beneath your hips to give Dave the proper angle, As he tucked your legs up to your chest. Dave penetrated you again and the sensations were beyond anything you had ever felt. He wasnt as gentle this time, it became more urgent, resting your trembling legs on his strong shoulders you let him fuck you, hard and deep. He moved in a steady thrusting motion, and you could see from his facial expression how much he was enjoying his conquest. He called you his little sissy bitch and said other things that you liked. Like, Bernices cock whore, and dirty, little cum bitch. Your cock stiffened again. How could
that happens so soon? His hands all over your nyloned thighs and chest

Wanting to bring you off with him, he started to pump your stiffening cock with a firm grip, applying just the right pressure at the base. Touching you drove Dave past the point of no return. He seemed to swell even larger within your ass until, with a final jab, he exploded, plunging frantically in and out, his balls smacking loudly against your ass cheeks as you gripped his forearms and held on for dear life.

I edged closer wanting to witness the climax of both of you, i could hear the wet, stickiness of Daves cock as he slid in and out of you, lowering my mouth to your stomach so that id feel the first splash of spunk hit my lips as you came. Daves orgasm sent you over the edge once more, shooting endless wads of cum over my mouth, my hair and across your belly, I scooped it up with a solitary finger and licked my lips as i smiled at you

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