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Bernice's phone sex blog - Mmmm... - 2016-06-03 18:51:57

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You next felt the cold lube from your wifes fingers deftly touch your anus, circling your hole painstakingly slowly, smearing it evenly over your tight puckered fuck hole, unexpectedly but perhaps not, you felt her index finger slowly slide inside you

It wasnt entirely unpleasant you had after all inserted your own finger whilst masturbating. Your ring piece tightened and you felt her finger twist thus enabling her to penetrate you deeper. She probed and pushed and you felt your cock twitch and harden as she pushed knuckle deep and then slipped out again. She repeated this a few times and just as your ass unclenched, relaxed and accepted her finger she slipped it out with just the tip of her finger teasing your ring.......
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