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Serena's phone sex blog - A moment in time - 2016-02-24 19:09:35

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And so it was this afternoon with Andy ... a moment in time where everything else vanished in the midst of our extraordinarily delightful time together. The warmth of my pussy (or did I say cunt? I rather think I did) against your face. My hair moist, my flesh warm and my clit hard - eager for stimulation and pleasuring. You pleasured me so adequately and imaginatively. Fingers slipping, sliding deep inside. Causing shudders and shivers. Cumming on your face - warm, gushing, gorgeous ... and your cock throbbing ... so hard, so ready, so inviting. I invited you to cum and you exploded did you not. All that cream just for me. A moment in time Andy - never to be forgotten but - perhaps - to be repeated .... Mmmmm :) x
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