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Bernice's phone sex blog - - 2015-12-31 14:58:05

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You did as you were told and grappled and squeezed Robert's buttocks as you pulled his stiffening penis into your wet mouth, as far as it would go, moaning as you worked on his helmet and teased his long, slippery shaft with your eager tongue. You could feel him pulsing as he stretched your mouth, feeling every ridge of his length as you closed your mouth around him. Savouring every second of this experience as you tongued him ,enjoyably, wanting to taste his saltiness and feel his cum hit the back of your throat. And most importantly, you did not want to disappoint Bernice.

Moving your lips slowly up and down his shaft as you watched me, watching you, flicking his sensitive head as our teeth gently grazed his girth

James's girlfriend could give head, very good head actually, no complaints, she was amazing, but nothing could compare to this. Robert had always believed that women didn't really know how to please a man orally. now that he had had his cock sucked to many times to remember by guys that had paid for his services. And this guy confirmed that thought, he sucked like a used whore! an eager little cock sucker and like most men, more than a little curious about cock!

Bernice sat and slowly circled her ankle, causing her stiletto to balance sexily from her toes, as she writhed in her chair, rubbing her warm, stocking clad thighs together. Visibly aroused by this horny vision occurring at her feet. The sound of James hungrily slurping at Robert's meaty cock, the smell of sweaty sex, the force in which Robert now thrust his cock into James's mouth.

She watched as he one handed held the back of the cock virgins head bounced his mouth up and down his shaft. 'Oh my god', she thought, you are worth every penny!

James could sense that Robert was nearing his climax. It all become a little more intense, his bell end became wedged in his throat, causing James to push at his thighs to enable him to inhale and breath. Robert's thighs trembled as James accommodated his huge, engorged cock, drool escaped his slutty mouth as he swallowed and suckled the handsome stranger.

Grabbing his clammy ass James dug the nails of both hands and spread Robert's sweaty, taught buttocks to reveal his little asshole .............
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