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Goddess Elaheh's phone sex blog - One Night Fantasy - 2015-11-13 21:10:53

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Me and a male friend of mine were having a chat one night over a few drinks and as usual our conversations steer onto sex, he challenged me over his wine glass for a scenario so i thought for a while sipped some more of my wine and this was what i said to him.......

i walk over to you in nothing but a red satin dressing gown, i slowly untie the belt whilst i look at you i then instruct you to put your cock in your hand......, i continue to tease you as you watch the folds of satin caress my skin, i run my hand slowly down my neck and continue to tantalize you as my hands caress further down my body......, i turn my back to you as i glide the robe delicately over my shoulder, i glance at you as you watch me, i beckon you over to me as i bend over slightly, you come behind me and kiss my neck,you run your hand slowly up my thigh tracing featherlight touches on my skin, you part my legs slighty as you tease between my thighs with your cock, you place a hand on my hip and whisper in my ear you want this, i gasp with excitement and say yes, you say tell me what you want? ...... i say you inside me. You pull my hip back to bend me further over as you enter me ..... I moan and gasp your name loving every inch of your cock......... Xxxx
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