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rose lee's phone sex blog - SUBMISSION, Step one s*u*b - 2015-11-09 13:14:59

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You entice me into a Hotel room not knowing what to expect. Gazing at the luxury that surrounds me i appear to be some what nervous. After a long hot bath with scented candles lit already for me i linger around some more watching television and listening to music. Night time is falling and not a sound 'Where is he?' i thought...This is not going to happen! I quickly rummage to gather my belonging and with temper i make my way to the door feeling humiliated. Then just as i opened the door in dismay there you stand before me. You know exactly how i feel/ you wanted me to feel inadequate. Trying to apologise i repeatedly say this is not acceptable. You slowly usher me back inside the doorway kissing my neck/nibbling as i slowly submit to you. Conjuring eye's evoke me as you kiss me passionately struggling to unzip your trouser's you wriggle with ecstasy against my body. 'You smell good!' you say. You place your finger inside my wet pussy and lick them. Liking the taste you're move straps me to the bed in a frenzy. 'Turn on your stomach'You say. Circling your fingers inside my pussy you tease even more. (You like the story that much i guess it has made you quite horny by now....I will follow on to step 2 Soon).
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