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Saucy Samantha's phone sex blog - Dungeon play :) - 2015-06-05 11:22:56

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I have a hide out on my property where we can get a little kinkier:) I tell you on the phone to come over but not to my door, its a shed out back by the pool it looks like a tool shed, its meant to look like that so that no one will know what's inside it. I leave the key in the post box for you so you can enter inside,turning on the lights you see it has settings for dim and bright's, you switch it on brights to see, you see this lush palace set out in velvet purple bean bags with shaggy white carpet, you think to yourself what a clever woman how naughty she must be as you yourself start to feel playful.You look up and you see a swing covered in red velvet, next to your left is a bar table fit enough for four elbows, with a bar fridge you open it, inside are sexy treats for us to use on each other with things to drink, you look to the side of the fridge you see some feathered gadgets with leather whips together with different types of handcuffs, this begins to make you smile while you wait for me in secret:)
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