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rose lee's phone sex blog - 'SPRING' ** Shades** - 2015-03-17 10:59:25

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Spring is invitingly approaching and that's when things start to polish them selves and clear away those Winter blues. Certainly, i like nothing more to clean away the cobwebs ~ spit and polish the finery and let you sit back and watch from a distance now and then while i work around you unaware of you having a glimpse of me slaving away under extreme pressure... ensuring that everything is UP to your standards. It excites you to want me to stop and take some quality time out. But, there are things to do and yet little time to do it in. As i run up the stairs you run behind making an excuse that you forgot something. I gather that wasn't the case and stroll dragging my feet ever so slowly. You ask how i am very up close and personal, a glint in your eye tells me you want something else???
'I'm fine' i replied with a smile
'Good... can i help you with anything?' You say, slightly putting one hand on the banister and closing in on me.
Breathing intensively you open a door to usher me in....
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