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Vintage Vagina's phone sex blog - Just the Tip - 2014-12-31 14:47:33

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There's something wrong when visitor or caller doesn't address me correctly & depart politely.

I get it... you want to wank with a sensual and mature lady like me... one who is gifted and intelligent, not an average soft spoken character actress, but a genuine and naturally dominant woman.

Show some courtesy before you whip out your ding a ling. As the only woman on your mind and the Apple of your Eye, you will feel better when you jack off knowing it was done with pleasantries afforded any lifetime lover.

Please don't feel pressured to perform or cum for me. As an older and experienced woman, I recall the sweet days of my youth when my rigid, tight pussy walls dripped with nectar all day.

Those days are not gone.

I sit at my executive desk all day, in charge of the office.... my pussy on fire as the young buff beauties come in for exams.

Addressing me as Ma'am. Scared to disrobe and pull down their drawers. One quick exam with a nice stiff dick stick in my face and all bets are off.

Call me any fucking nasty name you'd want...behind closed doors... bend me over and make the naughty Vulgar Sugar Mama of your most vivid wet dreams.

Depart after tossing my lace stockings aside... My lovely thighs still shivering from your secret intimate, in-office thrusts in my broad behind, tonguing and caressing my ass; filling my pussy cup with fresh cream. It's ok if you can't haven't called for a stroke. I'm ok helping you become a nice guy. Not so nasty. Not rude. In return, I expect you to learn simple lessons for tomorrow and days to come.

Leave a tip as you exit and return to your caring, committed & loving lady, VV

Wave and wink... blow a kiss and promise to return....
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