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rose lee's phone sex blog - Santa bb H+U+R+R+Y D*O*W*N T+H+E C*H*I*M*N*E*Y T+O+N+I+G+H+T - 2014-12-11 13:19:24

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Yes it's that time of year when everything is silent and not a mouse to be heard in the house. Everyone has gone out for the evening and little me baking away, slaving to get the Christmas cake ready and mince pies. Licking the spoon is my most naughty delight. Although, would love to lick something more sexy whilst in the kitchen. Drinking some mulled wine and getting messy with all that cake mixture sure turns me on...Especially, when the fone goes or an unexpected knock at the door to only but find a sexy man waiting to fill my stocking with shear naughtiness and erotic shenanigans lol xxxxxxx
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