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Dream Lover69's phone sex blog - Friday night role play - 2014-09-20 00:03:42

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It's been a long hard week and I'm just ready to have your spunk sprayed over my face& I decided not to wear any panties today, in anticipation for the surprise you have waiting for me. I open the front door and enter, all of a sudden I feel your stiff cocky pressed up against my arse& wow you are happy to see me today. Your hand rides up beneath my skirt and you glide over my moist clit, gently massaging it, warming me up, whilst you nibble and suck on my neck. You whisper in my ear, telling me I'm going to obey every single word you say and that I need a good fuck& your going to run my pussy red. You pull my pony tail and I say YeS. You blind fold me and tie my hands up behind my back. You tell me to turn around and drop to my knees& and I obey. I hear you unzipping your pants& you pull my head into your crotch& you say you want to give me a mouth fuck& and I say yes. You pull out your cock and slap me in the face with your fully loaded piece& nice and thick and ready for an explosion. You tell me to open my mouth and you ram it down my throat. I start to get to work loving the feeling of your pre cum running down the side of my mouth. You tell me to open wider. I can feel your large, swollen, stiff wood at the back of my throat&. Feeling as if I'm going to gag& wow what else have you got in store for me?

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