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American Apple's phone sex blog - Love The Accent - 2014-07-14 08:05:04

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How many times have I heard this?

The UK guys love mine and the reverse is true! I love the accent...

I finished a call moments ago with someone new to me.

Oh how lovely was it, when I described my impending orgasm to the sound of a demanding sissy with a swollen cock and a British accent.

Hmmmm... I may be wrong, but I imagine a sexy, panty clad Colin leaking for me as he wanks to my voice. It's a feeling I can't explain.

Most US ladies love calls from abroad. What's not to simply fawn over and swoon??? It's as if our bodies were always meant to party... sand or sea not a factor.

Come hell or high water, come what may, regardless of what the consequence: You're gonna get this American Apple Goddess.

Cause you love to love me and I love to come with you!
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