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rose lee's phone sex blog - It s the month of May - 2014-05-02 13:11:25

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As i answer the phone call i get excited to here you politely say 'Hello' breathing with anticipation not knowing what to expect. A little more conversation leads us to explore each other's desire's...and maybe each other's body. I close my eye's thinking about your request and how thrilling to be in the heat of that moment when i relax on my bed and touch the most intimate part of myself. As, we guide our most wildest thought's. Your voice become's arousing Soft,curious and most exciting. How reassuring and understanding you become to imagine us both in that phone call to think how much we both want to go deeper sexually and intimately. My body shudder's and awaits your command to full fill what YOU Want.... and i will excite your Needs x
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