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Araura <3 Anal's phone sex blog - Hello everyone. I'm the new girlie here - 2014-03-04 08:26:15

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Well hi! I'm very excited to be here and really cannot put into merely words how turned on I am already at the thought of you looking at my pictures, listening to my voice, listening to my Blog recordings and......touching yourself!
I'm looking forward to making many horny Blog entries on here so that I can finally share my dirtiest secrets. I'm a girl with a very high sex drive and am very active in fulfilling my sexual needs. I share bits and pieces of what I get up to with a couple of my friends, but they could never know who I truly am. I am far too wild and have far too few limits and I know this would shock them, possibly horrify them. So I am going to share my past sexual experiences with you, here. My current experiences as they happen I will be dying to talk about so I shall be keen to tell the first caller that wants to hear and will write it up for on here also so that you can read and hear it.
When masturbating I often take myself off to a generously senses enlivening fantasy in which I may be being forcefully fucked hard by two men with huge hard cocks. I have been laid centre stage infront of a large crowd and forced to pleasure myself or face the consequences. Or sometimes I awake to find I am tied to a tree with course rope and startle further awake when I see the young woman, with pointed features so delicate, pale and pretty, kneeling at my feet still tying a knot in the rope. I find it impossible to believe but looks to be a fairy. She raises her hand to my pubice and gives me a gentle stroke. Immediately I am wet. The fairy shimmers bright with what I can only know to be excitement. She sniffs my leg and sniffs in and out fast like a puppy as she moves up the side of my knee, up my thigh and then round to my pussy where here little puffs off breath blow on my moist lips and make them feel warm and cold fastly alternately. I shudder and moan.
I am getting so horny telling you this now and have gone into so much detail with this beautiful fantasy that I am going to record the rest for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do x
There is no recording for this blog entry