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Priestess's phone sex blog - Horny messages from a Slave! - 2014-02-08 19:18:58

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hahahahaha you so silly!!!!! my ass dripping in shops? WOW, why? are
you planning to fuck me in the change room? hahahahahaha xxxxxx I dont need
a lesson.... I need my man here fucking me for real bitch, that is what I
need!!! being a real master! bla bla bla!!!! that is all!!! hahahahahahahaha

Ok man Im gonna have a good shower and wash my pussy cause the only thing my
poor wet cave is having this days is water and soap ! hahahahahahahaha

Humm.... I think is you on the line to deserve this punishment man! Be tied
up and abused and slapped on bum and balls as you have been promising your
lady pleasure and more pleasure and you havent fulfilling your promises! It
is always first time and I think I am getting ready for my first bondage
wow..... sounds good is it? Im so frustrated that I will do it with so much
hahahahahaha man im getting there! kissesss thousands of kissessssss
after punisment!!!

I know you will do! you the best lover I ever meet devil! And I will fuck
you to the most unreal limits! You will know what forever means cause I love
you man! count the stars in the night.... that is my limits!!!! xxxxx
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