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TrannyShemale's phone sex blog - Born This Way - 2014-01-13 06:47:19

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I can't even say I am mad about being born this way.

Well, yeah...I guess there was a time when I wondered,

"Why me?"... I'm everything a woman to have and wants to be - That's why I love my girls....

but now, I realize... this is the way I'm supposed to be. A chick with a dick.

Hot, gorgeous, commanding the attention of successful guys by day who just happen to secretly like to suck cock afterhours. And not just any cock.


That's why I love my men....

This monster of mine rivals most men and I have never found a loose woman's pussy yet, nor have I ever met a guy or gal who didn't bow down to suck me off promptly once my secret was out.

That's why I'm perfect for both...

What can I say?

I was born this way!
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