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American Apple's phone sex blog - - 2013-11-08 06:38:45

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Edited on 2013-12-11 08:58:12
I've been stalking this hot and sexy neighbor of mine for a few months.

Late at night and early morning, I creep in the nude past his bedroom window and peek inside to see his hard cock when he wakes. I know his work, sleep, eat schedule, his license plate, his address, his cologne. His drink. His personal PIN. I also know he is left handed but because I *do* actually have a life which involves the mundane task of working a 9-5 until my Daddy (the man who actually signs my paycheck) says I have a day off, I only get to spy on this guy 1-2 days per week to feed my very sick fantasy...

So, for kicks and giggles, let's make this clear: I'm about to publicly molest a random white man (my unaware lover) because I would, so love to feel his fuck stick in my mouth and taste his sweet white cum dripping down my throat!!! He is Beau, my Master English Man.

I fantasize about the sound of everything from his zipper opening and his clothes hitting the floor, until the time when I finally corner him and squeeze his full ball sack in the 7-11 convenience store around the corner. "Hold on, Sir; these nuts are mine.

Only a pussy bitch boy would have stopped me in my fantasy and thankfully, he didn't - neither did you or the store clerk. I could hardly wait to hear him utter a word, let alone my favorite words, "I'm gonna come" and moan my name, which to date he doesn't even know.... (I only see him once in a while when I leave early for work and stop for coffee and when I drive past his house to spy on him in his car port.)

LOLOL .... I'll ask him, "Do it for me, Mister... Tell me how much you'd love drinking from my dark skin instead of that commuter mug" - I know I'm a brazen black domme, but I personally really, sincerely and honestly.... wanna drink every thing spewing from his solid white cock!

Touching him for a second and letting him secretly violate my black ass with a finger right there on the candy aisle - seeing this strange Caucasian master of mine is purely what I live for!! (I could lose my reputation in the community as a good and upstanding citizen if we're caught being nasty in the daytime - in a convenience store, but I'm raunchy and I like being reckless like that!)

Oh Beau, "I hope you won't explode too fast just because my eager lips, tongue and ass are perpetually wet and juicy for you!" (I hope he saves his warm jism for my fat pussy, Master Beau.) "I crave it and want to savor every bit of this feeling and come back for more, and I'm willing to do what you say".

Whatever he wants; whatever he says.....

I'd tell him, "If you're married, I'll adapt and lick your wife, wouldn't you like that? Lick your balls too? Tongue your ass? What's YOUR thing, Honey? What can I do to please you? I know you want to tell me about it, right?"

Here's your chance to use your Goddess minute by minute too... on the aisle side....
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