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Sweet Chantelle's phone sex blog - - 2013-11-06 18:31:14

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I like to alternate between being silky smooth and clean shaven and growing soft downy curls: a little hair most definatly captures the sweet scent of my dampened pussy and feels so nice as i idealy run my fingers through it. My boyfriend enjoys shaving me and i love this, laying on my bed with a fluffy towel under my ass as he gently smears my mound and lips with soft shaving foam. It's very exciting entrusting someone to run a sharp razor over your most intimate delicate place, i find the whole experience extremely arousing. Of course he delves and probes as he's applying the foam and wiping me with a warm, wet flannel, and then ...... when he's done, i feel his anticipation, his breath and his tongue .............
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