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MelissaDerriere's phone sex blog - Friends with Benefits - 2013-10-14 19:45:29

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We have all probably had a friend with benefits at one time or another. Some we like more than others and some we cant stand.

There is no need to lie; I have had my fair share of them. Us women have urges to and need to get laid so to speak. What makes a good FWB for me is a guy who knows how to please me orally. I love a giver. Not to say that I dont return the favor, but him being able to make me happy is a sure invitation back to my bed.

The latest guy I have is so far the best, and that is not just because he is the most recent on my mind. There was a married guy a few years back that held that title for a while. His wife didnt like oral sex, giving or receiving. Her loss is my gain is all I have to say about that.

I always appreciate a good licking and I love to return the favor. I am always down to get down and not afraid to do it anywhere.
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