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MelissaDerriere's phone sex blog - Cougar Meets Cub - 2013-09-24 19:49:57

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Now that I am starting to get back into the dating scene I wanted to test my sex appeal and see if I still got it.

I helped put together a double high school graduation party for one of my family members and my own kid. Yes, I am old enough to have and adult child >gasp<

But getting back to my point, various friends of theirs began to show up at the party and some of those guy where hot young studs. Now I have not been the type to go after a young one but there was one guy who happen to be the older brother of one of the graduates.

He was tall, very cute, and full of tattoo's all up and down his arms. I didn't think he was a recent graduate so I decided to investigate further.

I followed him into a room and corned him. I started touching on him and lifting his shirt and looking at his tattoo's and asking questions. He seemed nervous but he was letting me touch on him and not protesting one bit.

I asked him his age (24) A baby, but a handsome one. Where he lived (close to me) and what he did for a living (math tutor and college student) The flirting continued for a few more moments than I had to get back to the party.

A few days later I get a phone call, from him! He had asked for my number. He told me that he couldn't get the though of the beautiful woman who put her soft hands all over his body out of his mind.

I guess I may just need to give this cub a second look.
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