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Hot and Horny's phone sex blog - When You Just Can't Wait! - 2013-09-23 22:04:08

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Since starting this it has made me unbelievably Horny every second of every day! Working, Walking, Talking just has me tingling! Everything has double meanings in my life now and that just makes me so turned on! Any chance I get I have to just hold my breats and flick my nipples whilst slidding one hand down and feeling how wet I am and gently teasing my clit - starting off gently and gradually getting firmer and firmer getting wetter and wetter and this is just at work! When I get home I use my massage oil to massage my breats, tickle my thighs and work my way round to my very wet pussy! And when I introduce my bullet vibrator the feeling is so intense that I am longing to cum! I start with my vibrator on my neck - move it down to my breats and my hard nipples - then gradually over my stomach - down to my clit - the anticipation and intensity is so over powering I just am desperate to cum! I imagine a large hard cock about to cum all over me! I cannot wait! I am just longing for a large hard cock to be in me! I just can't wait! xxx
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