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MistressXela's phone sex blog - How it all began - 2013-09-10 14:41:14

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So here it is, my new blog about my life as a Mistress, Domme, Dominatrix, Governess, Lady of the Manor, Sister of the Ward, Nanny, Headteacher and all the other guises I perform on a regular basis for you my loving, sweet, dear little submissives. Or should I say school boys, butlers, gardeners, slaves, employees, pathetic little squirts on your knees! As of course, you come in many guises too dont you, for this is where we meet in the middle, in the theatre of my domain, my stage, where I love to become the Otherness that will completely and utterly dominate you&well at least for those precious moments in which we meet and that beautiful suspension of reality is held. For I am a former actress as Im sure you may gather, so I love to perform, but now only for an audience of one, YOU, where I can whisper cruelties in your ear and it does not matter if noone else can hear, because it is only for you and I my dear, you and I alone&
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