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Catie Topaz's phone sex blog - My first threesome.... - 2013-08-07 16:54:17

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Hey boys.... Now, I promised a little while ago that I was going to tell you some of my sexiest stories. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my first time with a girl (see: My Love of Fantasy Part2) as much as I enjoyed the experience, but I think you've all been so good, especially those of you that get me off as well as yourselves with your sexy calls, that you deserve some more of my erotic exploits already....Dave and I were always very sexually outgoing, we liked to talk dirty to each other and share our fantasies as we made love. We were together very young and had learned everything we knew together. We knew exactly how to please and tease each other and had an amazing sex life. We often liked to discuss our mutual threesome fantasy. I was desperate to try it, with either sex&. Both sexes! But how do you approach something like that with someone, and who do you approach? So it seemed destined to stay an exciting, erotic fantasy for the time being.As I said, our group of friends was very outgoing and we often discussed our sexual experiences, or the experiences we wanted, on our nights in. Threesomes came up regularly, but I seemed the only one who wanted to try both sexes. The girls all wanted two guys, the guys all wanted two girls but, as everyone loved to exclaim over, I liked both! After one of our regular drinking sessions when everybody left , John asked if he could stay as he was too drunk to be bothered walking home. We agreed that was fine and opened another bottle. We carried on talking and laughing and eventually the talk turned back to threesomes. We talked about what we would most want from the experience and Dave said that he would be happy for us to have another man join us but that he wouldnt want to do anything with him, just to share me and make sure I got maximum pleasure.
At this point I noticed that the atmosphere in the room was starting to build. We were all holding each others eye for longer before looking away, and I noticed again how attractive John was. We all knew what we wanted but, again, how to broach it? Eventually, Dave gave me a lingering look and a glance of understanding, of agreement, passed between us before he turned to John and saidShall we finish this bottle in the bedroom where we can be more comfortable? And so we went through to the bedroom. Dave asked John if he had noticed how beautiful I was, how firm my breasts are and whether he would like to touch them.
It's turning me on so much remembering how sexy that night was, I think when I come to record the whole story I'm gonna have to be touching myself to get me through it or I might explode! I can't wait for you to hear every filthy, sexy detail.... Drop me a message to let me know if you enjoyed hearing my story xxxx

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