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Catie Topaz's phone sex blog - My love of fantasy...Part 2! - 2013-08-07 14:30:15

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Hi boys, keep reading if you want to know how I learned of my love of women... I've had some great calls in the last few days and some really lovely mail chats. Thanks to everyone who has bought my pictures, I hope you enjoy them cos I had a lot of fun taking them! I will be uploading some new ones soon, I've got ideas for some more explicit ones and some more 'normal' type pictures, girl next door sort of thing. All ideas will be considered, so let me know how you'd like to see me.
A little while ago I mentioned that I had some fun stories of my experiences that I wanted to tell you about. Well, I'm finally going to record the story of how I discovered my love of a girl's body to go with this blog. I started to tell you before but then had some problems with recording. It started a little something like this.... Her name was Bianca, the girl who brought to a head my years of confusion and frustration and made me accept that I definitely love women as much as men! When I was 16 my parents went away for the night. They sent my siblings to our Grandparents but left me home alone for the first time. They weren't happy about it so told me I had to have Bianca stay with me as they had known her family for years and trusted her. There was all the usual rules and lectures, then off they went. I had been having confusing feelings and fantasising about Bianca for years, I thought it made me weird and I was so embarrassed about being a 'freak' that I would never have told anyone about how I was feeling. I knew I was attracted to men, obviously I wasn't a lesbian so why was I having these weird thoughts about my best friend? Bianca was 17, nearly a year older than me, and tiny, I'm 5'10" and being near her made me feel big and ungainly but also protective, like I just wanted to scoop her up. She had straight, shoulder length blonde hair and big, sparkling green eyes. So, that Saturday after everyone left, we pampered each other, facemasks, painting nails, all that girly stuff. Then we got in our pj's and snuggled up to watch videos. We always shared my single bed when Bianca stayed over and I loved to feel her tiny frame snuggled around me. We watched all the usual cliched horror flicks and screamed and laughed ourselves hoarse. Then Bianca told me that she'd sneaked out a video she'd found in her Dad's home office. She wouldn't tell me what it was but she was laughing and blushing as she put it on and I was intrigued. I was quite a late bloomer, so very innocent compared to other girls and honestly had no idea what we were about to watch! So you can imagine my surprise, horror and embarrassment as the screen flickered in to life and a huge, hard cock filled the screen! My jaw dropped and I felt heat rising, both in my cheeks and between my firm, young thighs... The next morning Bianca and I were closer than ever. She moved away about a year later and I lost contact until I found her on Facebook a little while ago. We chat on there occasionally but that night has never been mentioned. I wish I had the bottle to thank her for what she did for me. I know now that appreciating the beautiful form of a woman's body does not make me a freak. It's perfectly normal to enjoy rolling an erect nipple between my fingers, or feeling a clit stiffen and a pussy moisten beneath my tongue, and I've had many fantastic experiences thanks to that realisation! I want to tell you all about it, every little detail so if you'd like to hear about the night my passion for pussy was awakened then just listen to the recording attached to this blog.

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