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Jenny x's phone sex blog - My first girl on girl encounter - 2013-07-12 13:46:03

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Our stable yard consists of 8 loose boxes and a tack room. I was down there a couple of days ago, checking up on the new saddlecloths that had arrived that morning, when Chloe walked into the tack room. Chloe is one our stable hands and is the newest member of the team.
I noticed her on her first day and have had several very interesting dreams concerning her and a bale of hay. Ive smiled at her on several occasions and always got a smile back. Now dont get me wrong, Im not usually into women, although I did delve once, very briefly, when I was younger. But for some reason Chloe keeps entering my dreams.
That evening, I was wearing just a light chiffon dress. It was still hot in the sticky in the airless tack room.
Warm weather always makes me feel flirtatious and today was no exception, although even up to that point the possibilities that lay in front of me, had not even entered my head. I smiled and went over to talk to her, and show her the new saddlecloths. We started talking about the weekend and Chloe mentioned she had been out with her friends and they had got a bit tipsy.
The story went on, that she and Susy (one of her friends) had ended up leaving the club where they had spent the evening as a group, and gone for a pizza. Then back to hers for a nightcap.
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