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Luscious Lila's phone sex blog - Older Men Are The Best!!!! - 2013-06-24 22:48:17

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I love phone sex with older men sooo much!!! I can have you fucking in positions that your back, knees or neck hasnt allowed you to do for years. Picking your woman up as she wraps her legs around you, pressing her against the alley wall as you thrust your cock deep inside her, over and over again until you orgasm together. Remember doing that recently? Call me and we can recreate that memory and you will come as hard as you did that night. No aches, no pains just pleasurable sensations flowing through your body.
When was the last time you 692d your lady friend? Or were her/your requests met with excuses about arthritis and weather changing caused hip pain? Deep down you want to be straddling her face while she sucks your cock and you bury your face in her juicy wet pussy. Coming into each others mouths until you are no longer thirsty. Do it with me and you wont miss work recuperating.
I have talked to many of my callers about how amazing sex over the phone can be. You get to focus totally on the sensations and not the aches and pains creeping up arms and legs as you try to maintain your position.Or your partner rushing you because she is drying up and getting bored and needs sleep to get up early. You can take your time with me and Im always wet and ready.
The one comment I hear a lot from older men is that they havent come that much and that hard in a long time! I tell them its because they focused on the words I was saying in their ear, followed the directions I was giving them and they let their body do what it really wanted to do. Sounds pretty simple to me.

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