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Lucy Sub Slut x's phone sex blog - Comments! - 2013-04-21 01:48:13

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Hi everyone!

Okay so I just had a guy in my free chat room who said he was gonna call me but seen I had some negative comments so decided not to then said bye. So I wanted to explain about those comments as I feel like I have the right to reply to this as it is my profile. First of all I did NOT hang up on anyone. I have spoke to hundreds of people since I joined a yr and a half ago and I can assure I haven't just cut someone off. If someone has been rude or cheeky to me I would give them a warning and if they continued then yes I would hang up, but that very rarely ever happens. When I first joined I was with virgin and my phone line always cut off and had a bad connection which must be why those 2 guys thought I cut them off. I am not with sky and have been for a year and I have never had trouble with my phone and I have had plenty of happy clients. They just don't leave feedback, maybe because I never ask them too. I want to make them happy and hear them cum on the phone not ask them to leave me feedback! Also RE the comment of I am not the age I say on my profile - Are you kiddin me?! I seriously have no idea what this guy is on about. Emmm what age do you think I am? Does he think I am young or does he think I am old? Either way I am not too bothered, but I can assure you I am the age I say I am. Look at my profile pics and you can easily see what age I am. If you want to look at those negative comments and think I don't wanna call you then that is completely fine, you have the right to speak to any girl you want, but maybe you should try speaking to me first and making your mind up on your own. And although I would never normally ask... if you do call and you like what you hear maybe you could leave some positive feedback so that other guys can see I don't hang up! Thanks for reading...rant over xxx
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