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Lila's phone sex blog - Part 1 - 2013-04-19 16:37:27

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I walked down the street, towards the hotel. I was wearing the black stockings with suspenders; that I had bought especially, under my knee-length skirt and a white blouse, only slightly exposing the black lace bra I had on underneath. Walking confidently along the street, I prayed I wouldn't bump into someone I knew who may question why I had slipped out of the office at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, leaving my car in the building's car park not to arouse suspicion I wouldn't be missed, I hoped.
I strode purposefully into the hotel foyer with my heart now pounding. The desk clerk would know why I was here; I hadn't booked a room, just arrived during the day in my office wear and would descend again later and leave alone. Maybe he would think I was a call girl, a high class call girl probably, considering this place was not exactly a motel. As I neared the lift, the thought made me smirk a little through my nerves. I pressed the button and staring straight ahead, waited. After what seemed like forever but was actually probably just a few seconds, I could feel the eyes of the desk clerk burning through me. I couldn't help but to glance over as casually as I could. A man in his forties was staring at me. He didn't look away and I couldn't divert my eyes He was smiling at me in a very knowing way. A look which made a slight quiver trickles down my spine and down into my panties, ending in a little pool which was beginning to form between my lips down there.
I turned my head away from the desk clerk. What was wrong with me! I was so horny; I'd never been like this before. I crossed my hands in front of me and applied a little pressure to the front of myself, I couldn't stop myself, I was so hot and the pool was starting to dampen my lacy thong. Finally, the lift arrived and I stepped in as a greying gentleman in a business suit stepped out, he was taller than I and blatantly took a glimpse down my blouse as I passed him. Pressing the button for the third floor, I leant against the cold steel back of the lift as the doors closed. I was so hot now, the hotness had taken the nerves and I needed release I couldn't go and do what I was about to do like this. I needed a little decorum but I had never been this horny before, I was starting to shake with longing.
I could go and grab that desk clerk or that businessman and drag them in here, I thought as my hand slid under the waistband of my skirt and into my panties. It was warm and the gorgeous wet pool I had made let my fingers slide easily into my yearning pussy. I plunged them deep inside, moaning gently as I leant forward and pressed the button to stop the lift with my free hand. My two fingers, sliding deep into me, pressed against my g-spot as I imagined that the desk clerk had been holding his erect cock under the desk as he had been watching me. I imagined being under that desk and using my free hand to guide him into my waiting mouth and taking him deep into my throat, sucking hard and using my tongue to massage the big, helmet of him until. As my thumb flicked across my clit which stood erect, glistening with moistness, I yelled out in ecstasy as I orgasmed and slid my back down the cold steel wall until I was on the floor. I took a few seconds, to realise where I was and gradually stood. My underwear was so wet that I had to take it off and put it into my handbag. Wow! I thought, Ive never done that before.
Now, onto the main event, the reason I was here.

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