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Sexy Kelly's phone sex blog - Fucked By My Boss - 2013-03-29 14:56:24

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I'm sitting at my desk in work. I've got a tight black mini skirt on, a white shirt with the first and second buttons undone, you can tell the shirt is tight around my 36E breasts! I also have six inch black heels on. My boss asks me into his office so I take a seat. He tells me that he has had some complaints about the way I dress at work.
I said, " what do you mean sir? why would anyone make a complaint about the way I dress?"
He said " we have a company policy that you have to be dressed smartly."
I said " Sir I have a skirt and shirt on just like all the other girls in here!"
He said " Your skirt is far too short, if you were to bend down to pick something up off the floor everyone would be able to see your pants."
"What pants?" I said under my breathe.
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