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Islandbeauty's phone sex blog - role play - 2013-02-03 10:32:06

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Well I have a friend called John and we love to roleplay and this one was making him watch as I fucked someone else hahaha

Well I found a friend name Baz who I enjoyed having fun with and we all sat around watching porn and having a few drinks well I then decided to handcuff Johns legs to a chair and said now you will watch bitch

I started by undressing Baz and god he has a massive 12in cock i am always on my knees soon as i take it out I looked at John and said this is a real cock not like ur pathetic little cock watch bitch as i suck all of this cock all the pre cum just oozing out of that japs eye licking sucking wanking it into my mouth bet you wish this was you bitch hahahaha you have no chance i love a real mans cock and a sissy cock looks just like a clit hahaha

Then as he took me on all fours fuck it felt good i was screaming as he went in deep god my cunt was just drippin and i gave john an evil stare hahaha you will never fuck me with that little cock again I have a real man then as Baz shot his load into my pussy I released john from the chair and made him suck all the cum out of my cunt and told him that was his job from now on cunt cleaner hahahaha xxx

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