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Shy Shawna's phone sex blog - Shawna obeys....part two - 2012-12-18 08:39:33

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As if reading my mind, his tongue shifted down my body and found my clit , expertly licking and nibbling it, I became shamefully aware of the sweet, sticky cum dribbling down my thigh

"Lie still, slut," he ordered, before returning his wet mouth to my love button and shoving a single finger into my pussy.

my eyes darted to the right as he reached for the lube and squeezed it into his open palm,
One finger became two and then three of his fingers eased inside my tight silky pussy

"Spread your legs wider, dirty little fuck whore, and keep them open," he demanded

"Yes sir," I whimpered straining to open up wider for him

I felt a fourth finger work its way inside me and felt so stretched. he worked his hand inside me, opening me up with his fingers, and I felt pressure and stinging in my pussy. I started shifting my ass, trying to get away from him as panic overtook me.

"Please, Sir, I can't. Please stop," I pleaded, fear creeping into my voice.

he raised his head and found my eyes, focusing on me intently.

"Slut, look at me," he said forcefully.

"Look at me, concentrate on me, " I heard him say. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes Sir, of course," I said, trying to concentrate on what he was saying.

"Listen to me, slut, listen!" he commanded.

"I want you to calm down and relax, do you understand,"

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"You have to relax and trust me, I WANT this. This will please ME. You belong to ME, your pussy belongs to ME, and I will use it how I see fit."

"Do you understand me, ?"

"Yes Sir I understand," I repeat weakly.

"And when my fist is inside your pussy, , filling it, it will feel amazing. I promise. You just need to stay calm and focused, and trust me. Can you do that for me, ?"

"Yes Sir I think so," I reply.

"Then we shall continue."

he returned his attention to my creamy pussy and continued to work his fingers inside me, opening me up gently. Four fingers become five as his thumb eased and slipped inside me

The pain is immense as your knuckles try to make their way past my pouting bruised vulva

he looked at me and smiled, saying, "you're doing great slut, keep breathing and stay focused."

"Yes Sir," I groan.

his hand curls into a fist inside me and I feel his wrist slide into my pussy. You stop moving, letting me adjust to the feeling of fullness that is overtaking me.

"Oh my fucking &..god," I cried, amazed that he was able to get his entire fist inside me

I had never been so full before. his fist and wrist stuffed inside my aching pussy , shamefully I found myself clamping down on him.

"your like this dont you?? , my filthy little sex slut "

"Yessss Sir," I groan.

Slowly he moved his hand in and out of my pussy, letting me get used to the feeling.

overwhelmed and feeling brave I plead&.."Sir?,""please may I cum?"

"Yes slut, you may cum for me," increasing your speed.

"Ohhhhhhh Master," I groan, barely coherent. As you ram your fist into my tight and soft hole

the familiar sensation arises within me as I gush hot sweet juice over his hand as it eases from my tight little cunt, clenching my teeth as his knuckles slip past my bruised and swollen lips

he quickly untied my hands and flipped me over, grabbing the lube and rubbing it into my ass. Roughly he pushed his cock into my tight forbidden place . thrusting deep and hard
into my ass

his heavy balls slapping against me as his hands grasped my hips and pounded deeper

he wasnt fucking about now, he meant this, he wanted to shoot his load hard and fast

My now empty pussy contracted while my ass expanded around his throbbing hungry cock.
Tightly Grabbing my hair with his cum soaked fist he yanked my head back, grasping me tightly, digging his nails into my soft flesh he shot his load deep inside me.

As he collapsed on top my trembling fragile body , the tension subsided and he held me tightly.
"You pleased me so much little slut," you say gently. "You are mine, always."

"Thank you, Sir," I whisper, feeling safe beneath you.

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