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Bernice's phone sex blog - Train journey, part two - 2012-12-11 15:05:47

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I desperately wanted to view him, but continued looking straight ahead, if I turned and caught his gaze I may not be able to retain my composure. I heard him fold his newspaper as I wriggled impatiently in my knickers, the teasing was unbearable and I craved that he would explore and prod my swollen, moist pussy&..
As if reading my thoughts I felt his ardent fingers slip beneath my dampened knickers and brush across my wet pouting lips, i inhaled deeply causing not only a stir within myself but also from the gentleman in front who turned and with a look of disgust addressed me with a stern glare, shyly my eyes shifted to the floor. I could see the strangers shoe slide between my own as he nudged my heels encouraging my legs to separate, I noted his shoes were either very new or exceptionally clean and polished, and I wondered if he was a businessman of sorts, gripping the back of the seat tighter i wickedly shuffled in my heels and parted my legs further.

A single digit slid from my moist opening to my sweet swollen bud that now peeked proudly from its tiny pierced hood, the anticipation surged urgently from the tip of my toes to my throat and as I tried to stay in control, the pink flush of excitement became evident upon my ample cleavage and dimpled cheeks

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