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Bernice's phone sex blog - My train Journey home - 2012-12-06 21:13:22

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As per I caught the 5.35 train home, it was heaving as usual at this time of the day, hooking my tight pencil skirt above my knee I stepped into the carriage and glanced quickly for a seat, briefly noticing a gentleman to my right reading a newspaper, deeply engrossed he remained seated. So I stood near the luggage at the back just feet from the door and held the back of the seat in front as the busy train pulled away&. I gazed nonchalantly out of the window taking little notice of what came into view, what I did notice was a firm yet gentle hand move through the slit of my skirt brushing my inner thigh, I gasped as the coldness of his hand caught my breath,
The realization that I was being touched up on a crowded train quickly followed. Wickedly excited , my eyes darted nervously about the carriage in the fear that I was being observed, fellow passengers luckily all ahead of me seemed oblivious to this mans hand gliding further up my stocking clad leg. My heart raced and breath quickened as my arousal grew and then he stopped. only for a second to trace the outline of my stocking tops with his thumb, this had now become very real, clearly his intention was to embarrass me, to watch me squirm and panic, it was having the reverse effect, feeling brazen i prepared myself for what may come, adamant this confident albeit filthy man would not succeed in his attempts to fluster me.
Besides, the sensation was not entirely displeasing, and his intermittent stroke of my dewy gusset confirmed that thought

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