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sexydawn's phone sex blog - rememberence day story - 2012-11-03 21:41:29

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hi guys/girls please remember to buy your poppys for sunday the pic i have blogged is a FALLEN HERO he was blown up in iraq he has left behind his wife and son pictured on his last trip home not knowing if he will ever see his wife and child again he has fought for all of us to stay safe so the least we can do is support our fallen heroes british and americam soldiers maybe you was a soldiers son or a soldier that was lucky enough to be alive i have done my bit and brought my poppy with pride and adoration for the british army and the american army because in reality with out our boys where wud our country or infact what would becaome of us remeber the wives gfs fiances who have lost thier true love

thankyou dawnie x
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