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Hot Jenni's phone sex blog - The guy line up - 2012-08-26 21:21:21

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I was at a strip party last night in a lace dressing gown with nothing underneath, I noticed a group of guys watching me so me and a friend decided to play a game with them - we handcuffed the 7 guys to a dancing pole and told them we're going to tease and the one to last 5 mins without comin could have me and my friend - we bent down in front of the guys, kissed and played with each other I had my leg up on the wall whilst my friend licked me out,,, this made 6 of the guys shoot cum 1 of them even screamed :) The 1 that wa left had a great time in the bathroom with us HOT STEAMY SEX FOR 3 HOURS - THATS PROPA SEX !!!!
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