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AUSSIE MILF's phone sex blog - Girly Mags from the 70's - 2012-06-20 05:08:05

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This morning I spent a delicious time in bed reading some Mayfair magazines from the late 70's that someone had sent me. He is a personal caller in Australia who loves to talk about hairy pussies. I don't know what you guys think but it was very horny looking at all these 70's babes with their very fluffy hairy pussies. I could just imagine how their hairy pussies would get dripping wet from all the fucking and how soft those little hairy boxes would be. All the pussies looked so different too, it was very erotic. I was soon giving my pussy a lovely rub until it was wet and slippery too. I would love to hear how you guys like your pussy to be, a very interesting topic of conversation.

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