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mistressmorgana's phone sex blog - dinner entertainment pt 3 - 2012-06-14 23:16:27

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my carefully chosen dress, was riped roughly from my body just leaving my cream skin and silk undies exposed to all my goddess bitch , slowly pulled on full lengh red leather gloves and run them up and down my goosebump covered skin . i was carried bodily though to the large dinning room by 2 large men MMMMMMMMM and place in the center off the table , like a large serving plate .

bowls of friut were placed around me and cold runny chocalate was poured over my silk covered tits and double cream over my tummy and panties , i while i was dripped , licked and rubbed whilst her ladyship my goddess bitch watched laughting at me a wiggling giggling sticky mess , till she added her own florish of grapes split and placed on my swollen nipples and a frozen bananna slipped past my panties and into my moist cunt making me squeal ....................
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