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Heather Nicole's phone sex blog - VIVID MAGAZINE MODEL - 2012-05-27 06:53:04

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If you have read the Vivid magazine in the USA and in the UK than the guys know who I am, And some are probably in the pictures with me, I am back from my travel and ready for some fun guys! Cum and I would love have your company! So who's up for some cause I am, I'm waiting for you right now! Let's have some real fun with the best on fone-me, Nothing scares me cause I do it all! trust me I seen it all and have did it all, hank for all that has called me because you all are the best! especially from my photo shoots that you seen me in vivid, all things are possible with Heather, and the ones that know me will tell you "I am the BEST EVER!"
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