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Krystal xox's phone sex blog - A fantasty - 2012-05-06 01:22:45

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I love role play so theres nothing more exciting than playing out on of your fantasys...

Im all alone at home all day, bored lounging around in my black lacey nighty when there is a knock on the door, i grab my black silk dressing gown and go to answer the door. I had been so lonely and getting very horny as no one had been able to satisy my sexual cravings...

You stand at the door holding a big package you take one look at me dripping in black lingere and cant help but feel a sexual desire for me. You ask me to sign for the package and if i could trouble you for a glass of water as the sun is hot and you are covered in sweat. As you follow me into the kitchen you come up behind me and start to take off my silk dressing gown, you turn me around with force as i start to rip your shirt off and you are bulging and ready to go, my hands reach for your belt buckle and i quickly unfasten it and reach down to your big hard shaft ...

if you want to continue this story call me i would love to play this out with you boys,

I have to be alone now i hope you can guess why?

Love and Kisses

Krystal xox
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