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rose lee's phone sex blog - Dear Diary 'Forbidden Fruit' - 2012-05-03 21:20:13

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I went to a strange party the other night. It was at an 'exquisite posh Mansion'. Was with a business man that liked younger girls. I wore a long red chiffon dress with no panties on (just red fishnet stockings and suspenders). Every body were wearing shiny masks...I was going into something that i hadn't done before:0 ...Sitting down drinking champagne the man seem to leave me on my own and mingle. Across my gaze sat a man in a mask looking!! He smiled and walked over to me... He sat by me and started to eat fruit off the table. Suddenly, he put his knee in-between mine and asked if i liked grapes!!? 'Open Wide' and he put a grape in my mouth...My heart was beating fast....HEART WAS BEATING SO FAST. (diary i will write more later)

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