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rose lee's phone sex blog - PT3 FULL THROTTLE:) - 2012-04-28 18:27:06

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He was hard and he wanted me so bad! He got up and parted my legs greeting me with his huge cock on my JUICY wet pussy. He teased my clit, (not knowing when he was going to take me). The intensity grew...he was staring at me...This is how he wanted it!! tonight. (WATCHING) As i closed my eyes my head went back on the pillow as he unexpectedly took me by surprise!! He told me this time to keep eye contact every-time he thrust-ed me. It was
exciting, passionate and most of all powerful sex that i have had with him before:0! I watched his expression on his face, every motion he felt i seemed to feel aswell? I felt overwhelmed and we both knew the time was near...So near in fact we came together at the same time.
(p.s Diary this was mind blowing STUFF)
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