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rose lee's phone sex blog - 'Secret Diary' PT2 - 2012-04-20 13:13:21

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Time was ticking by and just at that moment she stood up, she was told to sit back down:) Yes...It was him! Banging the door...he was in no mood for chat!!!:o
Pushing her on the bed he passionately kissed her on the lips...he struggled to undo his tie. Grabbing her breast he pushed her further onto the bed, holding her breast he went further down...he was not standing for any nonsense tonight!
Groping at her panties he wanted to feel how wet she was. He got back up and slowly pulled them off. He went down parting her legs wider...he watched her every breath as he gently rolled his tongue along her clit. He started to put his finger in deep...deeper still sucking at her juices Oh yeah! she was enjoying every second of his time.
As waves of delight fulfilled her she moaned in sheer pleasure. He wasn't going to stop!!!. She tried to squirm up the bed away from him, but he pulled her closer holding onto her thighs sucking as he went more on her clit...she felt his head (staring at each other)she was struggling to climax,gasping!! Touching deeper he put two fingers in:) As Rose felt the power overwhelm her body she suddenly quivered with orgasmic shock!!!
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