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Madam Shay's phone sex blog - Stressful day - 2012-04-19 23:12:38

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Urgh the bloody boiler broke down today and I have no heating for 24 hours! As I drove myself to the dungeon a feeling of rage bubbled away inside me. How could this happen when there is so many pathetic skidmarks out there that should be falling overthemselves to make sure I never have to experience such inconveniences! My regular fustration outlet slavejohn was due at 11 and I suddenly cheered up when I remembered what I had promised him when he was here last week. A sound lashing of 30 strokes on his pretty little arse with my riding crop (his favourite!) followed by a butt plug covered in deep heat,followed by a stint in the blackened space deprivation cupboard. I could barely contain my excitement as I whipped his frillies down and attached him to his post. I chastised him for being too cocky by offering me his arse to be cropped before I had instructed him and then set about releasing all my earlier fustration by stinging his arse with my crop and making him thank me after every stroke. Afterwards I felt sooooo much better especially as he knew that taking me out and spoiling me would make me feel better. Loving my new dress and shoes today!
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