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sexy36DD's phone sex blog - My night with a sexy ladyboy - 2012-04-12 17:44:03

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My boyfriend and l had had a nasty break up after 2 years together and l was heartbroken and gutted.My bestfriend Candice decided to come around to my flat to comfort me and l was grateful for the company.Candice arrived around 8pm with a nice bottle of bubbly and she found me in bed red eyed and sobbing.She told me l had to snap out of it and move on with my life and that l was a sexy beautiful girl who would find someone new.She decided to run me a nice bath and l was so grateful because it would do me some good and relax me.Candice filled the tub with my favourite lavender and rose bubble bath and helped me get in.She rubbed my back slowly and gently in nice round circles and it felt soooo good.For the first time in weeks l felt the tension melt away and was so grateful for Candice's friendship!

Candice is a beautiful brunette with breasts and eyes to die for. We met a few years ago and we clicked and got on well.We had been each others rocks through everything and despite her being extremely sexy and beautiful and me being bisexual nothing sexual had ever happened between us because...well Candice preffered cock! And here l was in my bathtub with Candice rubbing my body and slowly arousing me.I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples hardening.I closed my eyes and lay in the tub while Candice slowly washed my breasts.I let out a small groan and Candice must have noticed what was going on she moved her hand down to my pussy and slowly started to rub my clit.l opened my legs wide and she inserted her fingers into my now very wet pussy.We made eye contact and she licked my juices of her fingers l stood up and kissed her on the lips.Water was dripping everywhere, Candice and l kissed passionately we slowly made our way into the bedroom.She lay me on the bed and brought her lips to my left breast and suckled it and teased it with her tongue.l moaned out loud and asked her to suck me harder!Her other hand went down to my pussy and she finger-fucked .I was so turned on tears of passion ran down my face.At this point Candice decided to take off her clothes and the size of her erect 8 inch cock only made me wetter.l reached up to it and rubbed it till precum dripped down on to the silk sheets.Candice groaned and said suck it baby, which l did gladly.Her precum tasted so good on my tongue l could not get enough of it....l sucked,licked and sucked her somemore. She lay on her back on the bed and l took her erect nipple in my mouth suckling her with lust and vigour.She had the most beautiful breasts l had ever seen and l could not get enough of her.She asked me to go on all fours and she licked my asshole l groaned out some more.My pussy was by now throbbing and l just wanted her inside me.With a sudden thrust l felt her cock slide in and she ravaged my pussy like l have never been fucked before.l felt myself cum and and my juices just flowed out from all the exstacy.She continued to ravage me faster and faster l managed to cum 2 more times!Finally l heard her shout l'm cumming,I'm cumming bitch and with one final thrust she offloaded her juices in my pussy.We lay in each others arms taking in the moment and wandering what had just happened!............I guess you will have to come back for part 2 of my blog and find out whether Candice and l are together or still friends.XOXO
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