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Madam Shay's phone sex blog - The hopes of a slave who will never be worthy of experiencing MY SACRED HOLE!!!! - 2012-04-07 11:54:08

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i was bound up so tight, spread open and wide
my body was Yours, there's nothing to hide
You have taken control, it's plain to see
Your moves are decisive, how they should be
You're in Your own glory, in that You bask
as You insert the plug, no questions to ask...

You insert it so slowly, let my hole take it in
as my sphincter widens, i feel Your grin
when it's buried as deep, as the end will allow
You attach the wires, and i wonder what now?
so You set off to doing, what will be Your next task
You've made up Your mind, no questions to ask...

You put on a cock ring, after applying some ice
my cock shrinks real small, it sure don't feel nice
but with that task all done, You tighten the clamps
real hard on my nipples, and You turn down the lamps
and in the darkened shadows, i see there's no mask
You're enjoying Yourself, no questions to ask

You turn the electric box on, and sit on my face
and tell me to lick You, as You pick up the pace
the plug strokes my ass, as my tongue makes You wet
and You cum the first time, of many more i bet
Your pussy it drips, and You TELL me just how
You're going to use me, right here and right now

You pull on the chain, and my nipples are stretched
the pain hurts so good, as the blindfold is fetched
and placed over my eyes, as You climb onto my cock
and tell me You'll fuck me, as You begin to rock...
tell me i'd better not cum yet, take warning take heed
because Your pussy's not ready, to receive my own seed...

You turn up the dial, and my ass it gets slammed
by the electric dildo plug, in which it is crammed
You say my cock feels so big, with the rings around
and You cum once again, as Your rhythm is found
then i'm being told once again, to use my tongue to lick
Your sweet pussy that now, has some juice from my dick...

after a couple more O's, You again turn up the box
with my ass being slammed, and a squeeze of my rocks
You climb onto my cock, it's ready to explode
and You tell me "go ahead boy, unleash a big load"
and I cum right away, as my cock it gets drained
and a whole heep of cum, Your pussy has gained...

With still no questions to ask, You move up to the head
tell me to open my mouth, and i do as You said
and my cum it does drip, oh my god there's so much!
and You TELL me to lick it, as my tongue it does touch
the lips of Your pussy, i'm told to lick it all clean
and i do feel happier...then i ever have been...
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