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Madam Shay's phone sex blog - A poem from one of my more creative subs! - 2012-04-05 12:46:18

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For You Madam... i hope You enjoy

i had just taken a shower, going to get dressed
when i was told to hold it, if i knew what was best
You casually walked over, and opened the drawer
and pulled out the pink panties, but said You need more
told me to wear these today, as You made Your own way
to Your own closet You went, "now do as I say!"

The panties You gave me, well they were all frilly
and as i put them on, well i felt kind of silly
they had garters attached, they sure did fit tight
and i looked in the mirror, oh my what a sight!
though my cock it had grown, sticking out of the top
oh the games You play now, i hope they never stop

You came back in the room, with red stockings in hand
and with a grin on Your lips, said "these would look grand!"
the look on my face...well it made You laugh out loud
and as i put them on, once again to Your will i bowed
i attached them to the garters, "now don't you look sweet?"
"now wear them under your clothes, and keep them discrete"

So i got dressed for work, covering up all the frills
yet my cock was still hard, guess it gave me some thrills
but You weren't done yet, as i heard "This will do"...
and held in Your hands, and on display for me to view
was a stretchy red thingy, that You told me to don
it sparkled and glittered, when i looked up You were gone

I had a small problem, this top that You gave me
with my button down shirt, well everyone could see
what i was wearing underneath, it would embarass
and i certainly was in, some kind of mess
so i took on the challenge...put on a turtle neck
and then into the mirror, my eyes they did check

it was still no good, the red sparkles shone through
could still see the halter top, what could i do?!
so i put on a jacket, now didn't i look spiffy?
and i needed to hurry, get ready in a jiffy
i was running real late, and had to get to work
for my nine o'clock meeting. that i couldn't shirk...

i kissed You goodbye, on Your lips was a grin
and said when i get home, You'd make my head spin
with things for me to do, well the list would be long
and if i knew what was best, none would be done wrong
my cock it got harder, as i set out on my drive
and never ever before, did i feel so quite alive...

i made it through the whole day, in great anticipation
with the frilly clothes i secreted, causing quite the sensation
feeling the silk cloth rub, against my body, and in my mind
i was excited at the prospects, that night i would find
What would She make me do?...i just couldn't wait
to get home and see, what would be my fate?

As i pulled into the garage, the bulge in my pants grew
a note found on the counter, that was my first clue...
"Strip down to your undergarments, come in the bedroom"
was all that the note said...where my fate it did loom...
i found You lying on the bed, the grin was still there
"you're looking very nice My pet, now enter My lair..."

"First put on those stilettos, make your outfit complete...
then go and get some cream, and then rub my feet"...
The high heels were new, i'd never seen them before
and they fit me quite well, though i stumbled to the floor
as i tried my first steps, in those six inch heeled shoes
i fell right on my pantied ass, like i was high on the booze...

You laughed Your head off, laughed right out loud
told me i'd better learn fast, only one fall was allowed
i got up with a struggle, somehow made it back to the bed
and started the massage of Your feet, so glad You were wed
to the idea of dominating me, and fulfilling my dream
Your feet were getting dry, so i added more cream...

After about a half hour, You spread Your legs wide
and pointed to Your pussy, and dipped a finger inside
told me to start licking You there...nice and slow
that it was time for me, to make Your juices flow
but You didn't want to cum, for at least an hour
but that i should keep licking, was feeling Your power...

You laid back relaxed, with Your eyes shut
and savored the feelings, my tongue it did strut
from bottom to top, and all places in between
Your pussy was wetter, than i had ever seen
and after that hour, You said "Focus on my clit"
and it took just a minute, before You screamed "OH SHIT!"....

Your juices they spurted, all over my face
and Your smile made You, the picture of grace
little did i know, that was all about to change
Your grin it turned wicked, it sure did seem strange
i'd never before, seen that look in Your eye
and it wasn't too long, before i'd find out why...

You took out the spreader, with the cuffs attached
and buckled my ankles in, then they were latched
Then pushed my legs back, almost over my head
told me to put my wrists in, i did as You said
i laid on my back, with my ass all exposed
completely at Your mercy, it was case closed...

You put on the strap-on, with the vacuu-lock
and then asked me plainly, did i like Your cock?
"I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to cum
right into you own mouth, doesn't that sound yum!?"
You greased up Your cock, and pushed the panties aside
pushed it into my asshole, You would not be denied...

You grabbed ahold of my cock, and while i got fucked
You gave me a hand-job, as Your hips they bucked
my balls they tightened, and got ready to spurt
i could feel my orgasm, beginning to flirt
You sensed i was close, told me to open up wide
and the first shot of cum, it went right inside...!

the second hit my chin, the rest soiled the red top
and then You sucked Your teeth, picked up the big drop
of my cum with Your finger, and then told me to lick
i cleaned it all off Your finger, that which came out of my prick
You then let me loose, and told me it was that time to eat
to go make Your dinner, and in that outfit...oh what a treat!
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