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Mini Mouse ;)'s phone sex blog - You will never belive what happened - 2012-03-29 09:37:22

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I was on my way to my local shopping centre earlier today.. to get some new kinky underwear to take some pictures as requested by some horny men! ;) i grabbed a few bras and a woman was standing behind the desk of the changing room just looking at me with her piercing eyes... she asked me if i needed any help trying the garms on.. and i told her i could do with an extra pair on hands... she smiled at me and asked me to follow her into the changing room while she slowly locked the door and turned round with her hands behind her back.

She asked me to take my cloths of and by then my pussy was already wet at the fact of a another girl watching me change.
"Here, let me help you with that" she said with her sweet voice... she had long dark hair amazing eyes and a body to die for her curves were in all the right places.
As she took my top of i found myself being pushed up against the wall her lips close to mine... we shared a long sexy kiss together.. i started biting and sucking on her lip she started to moan, so i went in for the kill and slowly started to slide my hands up her skirt... scared for the rejection i might received, but she loved it.

I rubbed my finger in and around her clit, she moaned so i put my hand over her mouth as i slid my two fingers into her wet tight pussy. Her vagina was so wet i still remember the feeling it left on my fingers, her pussy was pulsating around my fingers which made me move it round more and more. she lifted my bra up and started sucking on my hard nipples which i like loads. i found it hard not to moan. in the end i thought fuck it and started moaning as she slit her fingers in my tight young pussy. there was a knock on the door, but that didnt stop my assistant from getting on her knees and pulling my jeans down.

"Excuse me, is everything alright in there" another womans voice spoke from outside the door.

My assistant pulled me behind the door with her, then slowly opened it for the 2nd assistant to have a look.

She walked in and looked at me standing there with half my bra up and my jeans down to my ankles with my legs open. She took a quick glance outside then shut the door...i didnt know what was happening or why... but i know one thing i really loved what happened next....

Then both assistants took of their skirts and panties.. and pushed me to the floor, my bottom hit the carpet and next i found myself laying down with my legs wide open and my hair over my face!

one girl got on her knees and started to put her tongue in and out of my pussy... the other didnt look English, but boyyy was she sexyy!! she slowly hovered down towards my face. with her pussy close to my lips. i found my self moaning then eating away at her pussy... licking her clit as she played with my tits. So much was going on at this point i didnt really know what to focus on. But thats what made the experience even more pleasurable! I found myself going into a zone reflecting on my fantasy which is nearly identical to what was happening. I wanted to be used!! and fuck.. did i feel used today. I hurd voices in the back ground, but wasnt listening was just focusing on the feelings that where getting rushed to my pussy. Then I felt a firm slap on my leg. I snapped out of my trance as I herd the first assistant calling me a naughty dirty slut! I turned my head to the side and stated fingering my assistant while looking at everything that was going on in the mirror. The rest is hard to even remember with all the moaning and orgasms that were being let out in that one dressing room. As I left I gave both the assistance a wink and as I walked away I turned back seeing both assistants eyes glued to my backside.

Today was amazing, I will defo be visiting that centre again very soon! mmm lucky me hehe x
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